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Winner's Circle

Check out our Winner's Circle to find out who's

made it to victory lane this year!


Below are some of the driver's that have birds under their hoods. 

305 Sprints
Christian Bowman 
McKenna Hasse
Cody Kautz
Devin Kline 
360 Sprints
Jon Agan
Austin Alumbaugh 
Jamie Ball
Jonathan Cornell
Jared Goerges 
Russ Hall 
Johnny Herrera 
Josh Hodges
John Klabunde 
Calvin Landis 
 Eric Lutz
Rager Phillips
Sawyer Phillips
Tasker Phillips
Tony Schilling
Brooke Tatnell
Nate VanHaften
410 Sprints
Johnny Herrera
Josh Hodges
Bronson Maeschen
Dustin Selvage
                              Brad Foster, of Australia                               
Jodi Waldron, of Australia
Kelly Tapper; IMCA Late Modified  
                            Terry Neal; IMCA Late Modified